Welcome to my archive of drawings! (and paintings in the coming months) ︎

My practice involves extensive reading, research, and venturing into the great outdoors to observe birds in flight, winds in motion, insects amidst bushes, and many more intricate moments that nature offers serendipitously...

I’ve been dabbling in the field of the environmental humanities, in particular environmental philosophy and ethology. It helps me navigate the ecological crisis of the present and future, while expanding my paradigm of how nature expresses, constructs, and transforms itself over ︎ 

In the past and still ongoing, I’ve been exploring notions of myth-making and creation stories in indigenous human cultures, postulating on how our modern instruments of  writing, habits of perception and practices of stewardship are molded by the stories told by us and our ancestors. This has taken expression through three drawing series (the three icons on the left, starting with the bottom): Intangible Observations, Creation Stories, and Spell of the Sensuous (I highly recommend the book with the same title, written by one of my favorite authors, David Abram!) You may find interest in one of the essays I’ve written here, as well as my channel here.

As for now, I’ve been researching on the biology of symbiosis, where two or more species live in close proximity to one another, affecting each other’s evolutionary morphology, behavior and diversity through a myriad of unimaginable ways - like how certain parasitic wasps inject hormones to induce plants to grow a “house” for their lavae! I’ve been thinking about genetic expressions, non-human sentience, and perhaps even a “field” of ecological intelligence that thinks and acts on its own will. You may explore the latest series I’ve been working on here